Theme 2 – Re‑irradiation

Theme 2 aims to transform the use of re-irradiation. We will develop re-irradiation strategies tailored to the individual patient, incorporating radiobiology, anatomical changes, and multi-modality imaging, and take these strategies into the clinic in pilot studies in rectal and prostate cancer.

Theme Leads

Dr Louise Murray (Co-Lead)

Associate Professor, Clinical Oncology

Staff Profile: Dr Louise Murray | School of Medicine | University of Leeds

Dr Ane Appelt (Co-Lead)
photo of Ane Appelt

Associate Professor, Radiotherapy Physics

Staff Profile: Dr Ane Appelt | School of Medicine | University of Leeds

Work Package 3 – Re‑irradiation – Combining imaging with radiobiology

Work package 3 will create methodology, technical solutions and data analysis strategies for re-irradiation. We will combine prior dose distribution, state-of-the-art deformable image registration, and radiobiology, as well as pre-treatment functional imaging to identify sub-clinical damage from previous radiotherapy, to guide safe re-irradiation and assess toxicity following treatment.

Work Package 4 – Taking novel re-irradiation into the clinic

Work package 4 will take the solutions from WP3 into the clinic, as pilot studies in rectal and prostate cancer. These studies will focus on neo-adjuvant re-irradiation in recurrent rectal cancer, primary prostate re-irradiation in localised castrate resistant locally recurrent prostate cancer, and pelvic SABR and elective nodal irradiation for pelvic oligometastatic disease.

Other WP4 Researchers

Mr Aaron Quyn

Associate Professor, Colorectal Surgery

Staff Profile: Meet the Team – NIHR Surgical MedTech Co-operative

Dr Alex Gilbert

Honorary Consultant and Senior Clinical Trials Fellow

Staff Profile: Dr Alex Gilbert I School of Medicine I University of Leeds

Combined radiotherapy dose distribution for patient coming back for re-treatment of a lymph node recurrence after initial radiotherapy for prostate cancer.